Q: On what Exchanger will FILIPCOIN be listed on?

A: KEEP CALM! The Exchanger will be announced after the TOKEN CROWDSALE.

Q: How can we claim for the AIRDROP?

A: Register to the official site @, by Logging In. Participate to buy FILIPCOIN and qualify for the 1:1 Bonus. An additional of 1 FILIP will be awarded for every 1 FILIP. Purchase the minimum requirement of 400 FILIP

***on the first day of Second Round ICO of FILIPCOIN, Buy 1FC take 1 FC promo for a minimum purchase of 400 FC.

***on the second day, there will be no more BUY1TAKE1!

Q: How can we qualify for the BOUNTY Program?

A: Register to our Official Site and follow all our social media accounts by referring to the GUIDELINES (for Strict Compliance).

Join our Telegram Group Chat for Instant Update — 20 Filip

CLAP, COMMENT and SHARE from the Official Medium Account — 20 FILIP

Like our Facebook Page — 10 Filip

Join our Facebook Group Page — 10 Filip

Follow our Twitter Account — 10 Filip

Follow our Instagram Account — 10 Filip

Follow our Medium Account — 10 Filip

Follow our Reddit Account — 10 Filip

Q. When our Airdrop Bonus be credited to our account after we accomplished those things?

A. Real time after you accomplished and report to your registered facilitator account.

Q: Who are the FILIPCOIN Developers ?

A. Please refer to website for further information of the Team and Developers.

Q. How can we earn from FILIPCOIN?

A: FILIPCOIN holders can earn through the projects such as the commission and discount-based platform for Filipworks, Filipay, Azerv, Micro Financing Program, COLS and Trading.

Q: When can we sell our FILIPCOIN?

A: FILIPCOINs can be sold upon its availability in the exchanges which will be announced after the Token Crowdsale.

Q: How can we buy FILIPCOIN?

A: Check for the Guidelines Link. Register. BUY!

Q: Is the Filipcoin mineable?

A: No. It is a pre-mined coin. It is considered as token under ETH blockchain for the purpose of the conversion to ETH/BTC to different international exchanges but it will have its own Blockchain Ecosystem — decentralized finance (DeFi) that will enable to exchange for another token/coin as one of the biggest future projects that is indicated to our updated Roadmap V2.0.

Q: How much is the affiliate bonus?

A: 10%

Q: Will the affiliate bonus be in FILIP or fiat currency?

A: FILIP. Definitely FILIP. We have to love our own!

Q: What is the limit for the purchase of FILIP?

A: Minimum is 100 FC.

Q: Why you have minimum of purchase of Filipcoin?

A: It is your choice if you want to buy for minimum purchase to maximum purchase, the only thing that you may consider is that it will be given you a privilege to have discounts to our future projects. Please refer to our Whitepaper V2.0 under Holders Privilege.

QUESTIONS? Feel free to connect with us through any of our social media links above!