What is Filipcoin Really?

Filipcoin is a cryptocurrency, Yes.

However, unlike other cryptocurrencies where the primary goal is coin value appreciation, Filipcoin is used to avail of the services made available in the Filipcoin Ecosystem. Now, if you had the persistence and patience to read the Whitepaper and the provision of the Terms and Conditions, you wouldn’t be barging into Filipcoin’s inbox for queries that could have been settled through due diligence, and that is, READING.

Nonetheless, as presented in the Roadmap, Filipcoin’s projects include BillFlash, Azerv, Filipworks, and COLS, not to mention the futuristic goal of having its own FILIPCOIN BLOCKCHAIN.

Before we go any further, let us first define our terminologies. Nothing too fancy and intimidating, let us agree that ‘Projects’ in this context is ‘Future’, meaning it is not yet available or functional but is projected to materialize in the future. PROJECT = FUTURE. We then define ‘Services’ as ‘Existing/Present’, meaning, it can already be utilized to your heart’s content. SERVICES = EXISTING/PRESENT.

So when talking about Filipcoin, you look at it as Services and Projects. This is where the difference from other cryptocurrencies are coming. Generally, majority of the coins conduct an ICO, as a means to fund the projects they have in mind. At least that is the mindset of the developers who concocted the Einstein-defining moment where they come up with possibly life-changing ideas. Tadaaaa!!!!

However, if you flip the other side of the coin, the side of the ‘investors’, the goal, or at least the perspective, is investment growth through coin value appreciation, neglecting the essence of the ICO. Very short term, I would say. Why not extend your vision to the next generation or perhaps your children or grandchildren, and then you can say, Hey, I am one of those who thought bigger? I am one of those who believed and started thinking outside the box. I shared their vision!

Going back, as you can see, these ICOs are offering PROJECTS, as such, execution and actual implementation is still far down the line as funds are yet to be pooled to support the project. Filipcoin on the other hand offers both PROJECTS and SERVICES. Meaning, when you participate in our ICO, you can ALREADY ACCESS and USE the available SERVICES in the Filipcoin Ecosystem.

These services include Filipworks, a platform that offers efficiency for entrepreneurs and SMEs through user-friendly programs allowing data management, accounting and book-keeping, inventory management, trends analysis, and the likes, all of which are necessary for businesses regardless of the size, to come up with sound business decisions.

Another service that is readily accessible via Filipcoin is the Cryptocurrency Online Learning System. This COLS Service offers lessons that will help equip those who seek to learn the fundamentals of cryptocurrency. Additionally, FILIPCOIN’s Projects such as Billflash and Azerv, can be utilized by Filipcoin holders once made available.

Participation in the Filipcoin ICO offers you immediate Output, instead of ideas which probably are still figment of the imagination, definitely not impossible, but still immaterial. Filipcoin also values compliance to rules and regulations applicable.

We do not hesitate to spend and invest for a legal counsel as we try to protect the integrity of the company, the Team, and the rest of our stakeholders.

So if you are a serious investor, would an actual output have more value than a pitched idea?

Because in Filipcoin, WE DO NOT OFFER INVESTMENT.


Dare to be a Visionary!